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Some of my poetry that may or may not have been written at all close to the date posted. Not all are what I would call “finished” and I’m not happy with all of them either – they’re just what I’ve decided to share regardless.

The Summer

Enquiring breeze
Persistent sun
My heart stops fighting
The Summer, it’s won.

Listen for the echoes
of hope, and of truth
Voices lately spurned
that you knew in your youth

Pursuing, they know you
Ceaseless, they haunt
And they question, reminding
of what you are, what you want

All year I push forward
But in the summer grow still
Allow knowledge of what I know
never satisfies, and what will

This Voice wants my real heart
Having found me, it’s won
with the enquiring breeze
and the persistent sun.

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Posted by on December 29, 2012 in Poetry


A new song

I love You more than the sweetness of the birdsong piercing the morning
I love You more than the richness of the water rising in the waves
I love You more than the sun itself as it spills its beauty on the earth
And I love You more than the magic of the tropical rain

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Posted by on July 11, 2012 in Poetry, Thailand


Beyond Verbalising

The most irritating thing
Is today beyond verbalising
Because verbalising will acknowledge
And acknowledging hurts.

I’d rather ignore;
it’s safer, today
And sometimes love
can’t take much more feeling
than what it feels already.

So if I choose to ignore:
denial, or wisdom?
Courage, or survival?
You choose – I can’t,

[This one’s not very optimistic – sorry Polly! :) ]


Posted by on June 16, 2012 in Poetry


The wee hours

In the blending of the twilight,
as the day surrenders light
and the sun gives up its throne
to the rising of the moon

When time, it seems to slow
in the mystery of wee hours,
and the lines of sense give way
to the peace and dark alike

When daydreams, ever present,
they grow stronger, in the evening
and their depth also increases
so that strong and strange, they seem

It is then that our minds,
as they fight the edgy battles,
that more human and more spiritual
at once, they know they are.

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Posted by on June 9, 2012 in Poetry


Pressing on, pressing up

Pressing on, pressing up –

Reaching higher, reaching further


That’s what I’m doing

That’s what they tell me

That’s what I try at;

That’s what I wish for.


If I fail this today, can grace be enough?

What happens to dreams –

Is all really at stake?


It’s higher, the prize.

It’s further, today;

Today I’m in the fog,

surrounded by lights


I can get out, if I reach

If I walk on and out

I’ll be out of this place

It requires a step


Can I make my feet move, if I wish with all my heart?


No amount of wishing, no earnest, pretty dreaming

No striving, no trying, no reaching or leaning

Can move me beyond this place I’ve been led


Only Grace lifts me out, clears the fog,

moves me forward.

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Posted by on June 1, 2012 in Poetry


The wait

The wait is like being trapped in a  fog.

Thick, and humid; it closes in, threatens to choke.

It’s seeping into my lungs. I cough, but can’t get it out. I have to get out of this place.

Where am I?


There are small lights all around; luring, but confusing me.

The real prize is a golden lure

Mixed with dirt. Cold, beautiful, its painful stain has been hidden from me.




I don’t know why; I only know it won’t be this way forever.


Through the fog, I hear God’s whisper:

“I haven’t forgotten you,” He says.

It pierces my despair, and I breathe again.

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Posted by on April 1, 2012 in Poetry


Shall I reach out to you?

Shall I reach out to you,

Or would you reach out to me?

Do I wait in hope, love you again,

Or accept that’s all there ever may be?

And what defines this decision for me?


Is it trust, or fear;

a slim hope that you’ll care

– each moment I choose

to be selfish,

or selfless.

Will my heart win or lose?


Shall I reach out to you,

Or wait for you – just wait…


reach out to me, too?


Posted by on February 15, 2012 in Poetry