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Hey guys. How are we all?

So, sorry in advance if this comes across as a complaining post. But – in all frankness, does anyone have any ideas on curing/easing headaches?

I’ve had one for a few months now :( Some days (like today) worse than others. Getting headaches is very unlike me. Nov/Dec it was definitely stress, but it should really be easing off now.

Doctor says keep taking Paracetamol, and exercise etc. Obviously lots of water but that’s not something that’s changed.

Any further wisdom, friends?


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Evenings in

Tonight I made this for dinner.

Well, sort of. It was more a question of – I have chicken thighs, I have opened coconut cream and I want to eat the beautiful corn I got at the market. So I googled a little and stumbled upon this, for the sauce, and just modified it with what we had in the house and what I felt like using. Ended up with some creamy kumara mash on the side, which complemented it beautifully.

It turned out pretty good, for me. Just for Graeme and I, the only two in the house for a bit. (Who is, incidentally, cracking me up with his rather fantastic Bananas in Pyjamas costume for the Sevens. I do love this guy.) We’ve been whiling the evening away with minor flat organising, updates in our respective romance departments, and TinTin. (This is the first time I’m seeing this, though I’m only half watching it. Makes a good in-the-background movie.)

How an artist sees their work


I also stumbled uponĀ this.

Which is all too accurate, for my writing anyway. I have been picking up my novel – hesitantly, cautiously – steeling myself for the myriad of mistakes I know will leap out at me and question my ability to make this story worthwhile. But I am doing it.

Evenings in. Good things. :)

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Funerals, How I Met Your Mother and the Question of Solving Problems

Today I was off work to attend a funeral. Funerals are funny things, especially family funerals. There’s the sudden family obligation placed on you, there’s an onslaught of emotion around you which you may or may not take on for yourself. There are relatives you recognise and relatives you don’t – simultaneously the relatives who recognise you and the relatives who don’t. There are beautiful moments, awkward moments, very Sri Lankan moments, and moments that make you very glad you came.

Later today I attended a meeting – a meeting which had me very uncomfortable at times. There are some fairly serious problems around. We are aware of many of them, it seems, but the question is: what do we do about them when they come to stare you in the face, in a way that starts to have personal implications for whether you do or do not take certain courses of action? Do you participate, share your concerns, refuse to participate, ignore?

The solution to the above will depend on the person and situation, and I need to pray and think this one through a bit.

In between the above two noteworthy events of the day, I watched the latest episodes of How I Met Your Mother. All caught up now. I have to say the season is making a bit of a comeback – I’m loving seeing the mother (who doesn’t yet have a name, correct?) and her character development taking place. Our rather extensive understanding of Ted (after eight and a half seasons, :-/) is the context for understanding her, this new character, and how when she and Ted meet they’re going to realise they are great for each other. Aww.

For now, though, more of that precious sleep thing. Goodnight.

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hi blog

I said I’d blog today.

I’m curled up in bed, tired, so tired – I waited for a bit to use the bathroom, while the boys fitted our newly acquired washing machine. It looks good. First lesson, though, I discovered: we may need to shower and do laundry at separate times. Unless we want an exciting, hot/cold shower.

Mind in many places. Tired. Typing. Staring at FB, getting out of it when I realise it’s not helpful. Watching How I Met Your Mother. Yay new episode. Reading Titus – caught at first paragraph; Hebrews – really must memorise; Philemon – makes me smile. Back to Titus. (Just about accidentally deleted all this text – yes, I’m tired.) Truth and knowledge and faith, coming from hope. Hope is the source of a lot of things. Hope, on reflection, is one of the key things meant to set us apart as Christians. Even down to the way we grieve.

Grief. I’m attending a funeral tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing family. It’ll also mean I’m not at work for most of the day. Work was good – small non-actual-work-achievements should be evaluated. Making a stressed colleague a cup of tea, telling an upstairs dude there was cake downstairs, eating fruit, giving a clever response back to a teasing comment, getting up and out into the sun for a decent half hour.

Headache not so good today, though. Bed very good. Falling asleep. Goodnight.

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