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The plot thickens and the cost thereof

Day Six, and I can still do this. (I’m repeating the same to myself quite a bit, at the moment…)

Because I started this project with quite literally nothing beyond my first scene, I’m overly excited whenever I make a new connection, or flesh out more of my plot, characters or setting. They say watching your writing take shape can be like watching a baby grow. I think this way of writing might be closer to that metaphor than other kinds, as we don’t really know what our babies will turn out like, though we spend so much time raising them. The same with this story. It’s taking shape – I moved past the first scene and the plot started to form into a coherent storyline as I wrote. I started to even visualise the climax and the end of the novel, and some of the themes that are coming through.

Unfortunately, I then started playing with time travel.

Before I knew it, I had plot holes all over the place.

I’ve spent some of my writing time trying to keep my storyline coherent, rather than actually writing. Come on, keep writing, IGNORE the plot holes, and just… make… wordcount…


I’m more than 2000 words behind right now. And every day 1667 words more are added to my goal, and you might say the backlog is starting to get exponential…

I’ve also not been well, and got next to no sleep on Saturday night, which I’m paying for now. At the end of the day all I want to do is sleeeeeeeeeeeeep…..

Nevermind. I can still do this. (If you love me, a text or some kind of encouragement wouldn’t go awry…)


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I can totally do this.

Writing makes me crave tea, coffee, chocolate, creamy cheese and water. Writing makes me a bit dreamy. Writing, strangely, makes me want to sing. When I’m further into it, writing makes my mind a bit dizzy.

I’m doing National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this month. I thought I should probably have alerted my blog to this.

The idea of NaNoWriMo is to get 50,000 words out in one month. That way, you have a draft, that you can edit and format as much as you wish. And every writer knows the problem of wanting to edit and rewrite what you’ve got in front of you, rather than focussing on getting the whole thing out before you let yourself really devote yourself to editing.

Reflections from Day Three:

  • Once I have the idea of a scene in my head, it doesn’t take me long to churn out the words. I can make wordcount (daily wordcount being 1667 words) in a few hours if I know what needs to happen, and if I stop myself from editing.
  • I overthink my ideas, when in more normal states. Getting it out exactly as it is in my head is often a near impossible venture often, the realisation of which results in me thinking more and writing less. I’m trying to get it into my head that getting ideas out in half-formed stages is okay, and often good.
  • Writing this much this fast makes me want to blog.
  • Making word count makes me feel GOOD. Especially as today I not only made word count, I caught up the 500 words I’ve been behind on since Day One.
  • Staring at a screen is not my favourite thing to do. After working all day, coming home to stare at a screen and do more work is somewhat daunting. My pleasure in other books is enhanced.
  • This project is scary. I started this particular story not knowing anything at all about it, past the very first scene. I had vague impressions of what the characters were like, but beyond that, it was a mystery to me. Writing each chapter knowing only a little more about where I’m going is scary – what if the end product is complete rubbish? (I’m telling myself: don’t worry. This is just an experiment.)
  • Writing that much that fast while still leading a (vaguely) normal life, means I have to get the words out, and be okay with leaving it as an unedited, unformatted draft. A mindset that I think is reflected in the state of this blog.

I’m realising that I can do this. Part of what helped me convince myself to try was that I used to be able to write an essay (2000-3000 words) in maybe two days, (and that’s two evenings, mind you) where the finished product by that time had to be what I handed in. In this project, the finished product at the end of the month is only going to be a draft. Oh, freedom.

There may be half-crazed posts later in the month as I go.

If you’re interested in reading what I’ve done, let me know. (And I might put it on the list of things to consider, sometime in the future. When I’ve re-written it and made it perfect – just kidding.)


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