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Just making a daisy chain

I love making daisy chains.

Confession: I love roses – I think they are stunning in their simple, elegant beauty. But right now, I’m making daisy chains.

I love seeing New Zealand grass in the spring, covered in daisies and buttercups. I even get sad when they’re mowed. A footstep, a lawnmower, an absent gesture of picking at the grass when you sit on it, and the daisy can be gone, just like that. They are insignificant, really – there are just so many of them, and in their flimsiness and commonality they are not very highly regarded in the world of flowers.

The Blog Roll topic #4: Princess, knight, tower, dragon.

For now, which am I? The princess, making daisy chains.

Useless, you say. Daisies, really? Of all the princesses in towers, the one with daisies has to be the weakest. You are probably the least intimidating princess in a tower right now; what’s a string of daisies to stone? I can barely see it in your hand up there – all I see is tower. And your knight – do you really think he’d be interested in the princess with pathetic little daisy chain, when he could instead pursue one of the many, many princesses around you, with their gorgeous arrangements of roses and orchids; in fact, how can he even see your daisies from where he is? Oh and about your escape, what are you gonna do, hang the daisy chain out the window like Rapunzel, to climb down and hope the dragon doesn’t notice? Notice your death, that is, ‘cos there’s no way that thing isn’t snapping at the first tug.

Daisies are small, very small.

My list of life adventures and achievements is likewise very small. I know MKs, I know TCKs, I know people who’ve been hopping countries since they were born, I know people who at my age or younger, have done rather incredible things with their lives already. I’m not in that category. I’ve had lots of friendships, I’ve written a little, I’ve moved city once, graduated, flatted. My life, when you look at it from the outside (or actually, from my perspective it probably looks even worse) is incredibly unimpressive, and believe me when I say it’s not for any lack of desire for adventure!

Good thing life isn’t about being impressive.

Some princesses were given roses from the beginning. Some were given orchids – those lovely white ones with the soft streaks of gold at their hearts, which stand out a mile. My daisy chain doesn’t stand out a mile. It’s small, and you have to come close to see what it is.

Val said to me the other day:

“If you actually look at a daisy up close, right up close- the detailed texture of the petals, and the way the stalk is slightly furry, and the dotted yellow rise of the insides, and how even those cast shadows,
it’s huge. it’s a world in itself too.
it’s complicated and enormous and really big.”
– Val

My life has been full of many small daisies.

Often, way too often, I look at the tiny string and think: “This is really kind of pathetic. What is the use of this? It’s cute in itself but it’s not really that pretty… and compared to a bouquet of roses, or an arrangement of orchids in a vase, it’s nowhere near beautiful. God – why did you give me only daisies?”

I have not the slightest idea why God gave me daisies, and others roses and orchids to start. After Jesus rose from the dead, he indicated to Peter that he would die for Jesus. Peter took this in, and looked to John, who was also there. “What about him?” he asked. Jesus didn’t answer this question for Peter – instead, he told him it shouldn’t make a difference to him what might or might not get granted to John.

Maybe, as far as Peter knew, John would get to live until Jesus’s return. Maybe he wouldn’t. Maybe other princesses will have some time with daisies soon, and maybe I’ll be given roses or orchids. Maybe not. The why is not the point – so far daisies are what I have, and so I’m making a daisy chain. Maybe it looks somewhat pitiful if you hold it next to the roses and orchids – so maybe we shouldn’t hold it next to them at all. Maybe it looks weak against the stone of the looming tower – but I guess if it’s what God gave me, its value is intrinsic and I won’t have to apologise for it when it’s needed. Maybe the knight would be more attracted to the roses and the orchids of princesses in other towers – I guess I’ll just have to wait for one who’s willing to come close enough to see the beauty of the small daisies in my life. And if the dragon can’t be distracted while I climb out the window anyway, no matter. Plenty more daisies around to add to the chain in the meantime. :)

Just making a daisy chain. One at a time: a smile, a friendship, a text or email sent, a kitchen cleaned, a song played on the guitar, a prayer, a poem, a flat dynamic cared for, a person taught, some Bible shared – another daisy. Small. Insignificant. A world in itself.

Just making my daisy chain. How’s yours?


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