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The princess in the tower, the dragon wrapped about it, the knight below

Some initial thoughts

There’s something lovely about this metaphor, and it makes me sad when it gets battered. I love to see intelligent reworkings and analyses of stories as much as the next person – definitely! By all means play with this old, very old story outline. But as you exercise your creativity, please don’t crucify it! There’s something of desire, seeking, rescue, and of beauty and bravery, that’s written on our hearts, and that responds to the story.


Why do stories need a twist? Why can’t the knight save the princess, slay the dragon, get her out of the tower that holds her captive and live happily ever after? Why is that enough for small children when it’s not always enough for us?

Desire, beauty, bravery, seeking, rescue. Which of these do you lose when you tell the story, and of the versions you’ve enjoyed, which did they lose?

Does rescue need to be acknowledged?

Who are you?

[This post is about asking questions.]


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