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Pressing on, pressing up

Pressing on, pressing up –

Reaching higher, reaching further


That’s what I’m doing

That’s what they tell me

That’s what I try at;

That’s what I wish for.


If I fail this today, can grace be enough?

What happens to dreams –

Is all really at stake?


It’s higher, the prize.

It’s further, today;

Today I’m in the fog,

surrounded by lights


I can get out, if I reach

If I walk on and out

I’ll be out of this place

It requires a step


Can I make my feet move, if I wish with all my heart?


No amount of wishing, no earnest, pretty dreaming

No striving, no trying, no reaching or leaning

Can move me beyond this place I’ve been led


Only Grace lifts me out, clears the fog,

moves me forward.

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